Portraits of All Sorts

Portraits of All Sorts is my focus of attention at this time. Herein, I continue my interest in nature: plants, animals and landscapes. My objective is to reveal the unappreciated, hidden beauty, and the ethereal in the ordinary. My portraits are mostly close ups including context only when necessary to the story. In this project, I have been influenced by Peter Hurley’s work entitled The Headshot, as well as, by Emily Carr’s magnificent, vivid paintings and prose. Carr has held a special place in my life. My title: Portraits of All Sorts borrows from Carr’s book: The House of All Sorts (1944), a moving story of her experience as a landlady. In Carr’s pictures and her writing she is known to exemplify the art of eliminating all but the essentials. Hurley’s head shots do that as well.


A Beauty


Joshua tree touching clouds

Milkweed in Winter


Milkweed in summer


Single tree by the Pacific Ocean


Tropical Flower

Orchid - Portrait


Barrels of Sake wrapped in straw