The predominant theme in my work is nature: landscapes, animals and plants. I currently use an Olympus E-M1 II camera. I am inclined toward the photographic approaches of realism, abstraction and simplicity. I believe that in all of life there is beauty and there is value to being present in every moment. Most importantly, for me photography is fun.

My photographic projects in the last decade have included: Abstractions in Nature, Walls in Ancient Places, Seeing Inside Meteorites, and Portraits of All Sorts. The Portrait project included a year-long study of the transition of the milkweed from rhizome to seed. In this latter project I was guided by the medium of portraiture and by Peter Hurley, author of the book: The Headshot (2016). Related images for all projects have been shown and sold at various annual exhibitions as high quality prints-custom framed, placemats, calendars, coasters and greeting cards. My latest project: “2018 - A Year in Review” involved the presentation of selected images from my past projects consistent with the themes of the various Exhibitions in Toronto in which I participated. In 2019, I begin a photographic study of “Trees and Meadows”.

During the last decade, alongside many other community members, I had the good fortune to be involved in a successful activist project against the proposed Highland Mega-Quarry in Dufferin County, ON (2011-2013). I published a related book using the digital publishing platform: The book was titled “Landscapes and the Proposed Mega-Quarry” (2011). It received 3000 views. I sold several copies contributing a portion of the funds to the antiquarry fight. An article titled “Landscapes, Photography and a Proposed Mega-Quarry" was published as the Featured Article in the The Canadian Association of Photographic Art magazine, Spring 2012. Additionally, Mr. David Tilson, M.P. (Dufferin-Caledon) acknowledged the contribution of my photographic work in the Federal, House of Commons Debates, January 2013, Ottawa, ON under the item: “The Environment”.


As always, I am grateful for the instruction that I received from famous Canadian photographers Freeman Patterson (Order of Canada and of New Brunswick) (Shamper’s Bluff, NB), and André Gallant (St. John, NB). Also, on a private basis and by attending workshops regularly, I gained (and continue to gain) invaluable insights about fine art photography from professional photographers including Edward Knapp (Gatineau, Quebec), John McQuade (Miksang Contemplative Photography, Toronto, ON), Rob Corrado (CorrVision,Toronto, ON), Ethan Meleg (Midland, ON), Nir Baraket (now deceased), Don Komarechka (Barrie, ON), the National Geographic Society (Washington, D.C.), John Batdorff, Gary Hart, Wayde Carroll, and Art Wolfe, among others.

Thank You to

Rod Trider, Advanced Images Photography (Almonte, ON) for his on-going direction with regard to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and complicated photo shoots, image printing and framing, and his curatorial assistance in the preparation of my exhibitions.

I am a member of the Artists’ Network of Riverdale, Bruce Trail Conservancy, Nature Conservancy Canada, Museum of Dufferin, Dufferin Arts Council, Toronto Camera Club, and the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA). I share my residence between Toronto and our farm in Dufferin County, Ontario.